About Aft Systems

Founder & President

All of Aft Systems, Inc.’s professionals are under the direction of Larry Aft, the founder and President. Larry Aft served for 31 years on the faculty of Southern Polytechnic State University. While there he was Professor of Industrial Engineering Technology and Coordinator of the MSQA program. In the 1970’s he held a joint appointment with the Health Systems Research Center at Georgia Tech. He has consulted with over 170 organizations on continuous improvement, lean, six sigma, work standards and quality related activities. He has taught Six Sigma, work measurement, process analysis, statistical process control, problem solving tools, and data analysis courses, and he has helped countless organizations implement these methods.

His professional activities include Fellowships in the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the American Society for Quality. He has served as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) , chaired the 1980 IIE Conference and Convention, and chaired the 1994 IIE Work Measurement/Ergonomics Division Conference. He is currently past president of the Society for Work Science. He has also served four times as chair of the Greater Atlanta Section of ASQ . He is currently assisting organizations such as Cox Communications, U.S. Coast Guard, A.O. Smith, FedEx, CableOne, SunTrust, Golden Rule Insurance, Georgia Hospital Association, and Integrated Trading Systems implement six sigma.

Larry is the recipient of ASQ’s 2008 Grant Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Education in Quality as well as AFT SYSTEMS, INC.’s Phil Carroll Award. Contact Information. He has authored numerous articles and several books, including:

  • Fundamentals of Industrial Quality Control, St. Lucie Press
  • Quality Improvement Using SPC, Harcourt Brace
  • Work Measurement and Improvement, Prentice Hall
  • Wage and Salary Administration, Prentice Hall
  • Production and Inventory Control, Prentice Hall
  • "Predetermined Time Systems," (Chapter in) Industrial Engineering Handbook, McGraw Hill
  • "Work Measurement" and "Quality" (chapters in) Manufacturing Handbook, McGraw Hill
  • Work Measurement and Methods Improvement (3rd edition), John Wiley

Business Insights

Aft Systems, Inc., is a management consulting firm specializing in applications of proven continuous improvement and measurement tools including Six Sigma, lean, quality and industrial engineering principles. We provide full service implementation and training assistance in all of these productivity improvement techniques. It is the philosophy of Aft Systems, Inc., to train and assist clients to develop the necessary skills for implementation using those skills once Aft Systems, Inc. has completed our work. We believe that the systems and procedures developed will be more effective when this training is provided for the people who have to use them. All training and assistance is specifically developed for each organization that we work with. There is no one system that fits every organization.

Trainining & Seminars

Seminars and training programs are taught by practicing professionals who share their experiences with seminar participants. Each instructor brings years of practical business applications of the seminar topics. Courses involve numerous simulations, exercises, and projects.

Our instructors have worked in a variety of different businesses including manufacturing, healthcare, government, distribution, and communications. They bring that expertise to every seminar and training program. All programs can be tailored to your specific business application.

Recognizing that the training is designed for adults and covers many days, many different formats are used. In basic class’s considerable time is spent learning how to develop and use the basic tools allowing time for the student to practice performing calculations and interpreting and discussing the application of the tools. All of the examples are based on real processes. The key to our successful training is demonstrating how the tools and methods apply in specific situations.

Specifically the company provides consulting and training expertise on topics such as Six Sigma, Lean, Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Cost of Quality, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, Work Standards, and related topics. We are also experts in the measurement of work. We set standards, analyze methods, and provide assistance with implementation of improvement and control procedures. We also provide service as expert witnesses in work standards.

Recent Projects

Clients have ranged from Fortune 500 to start up operations. The company, founded in 1985, grew out of the consulting work performed by its founder. Aft Systems, Inc. has worked with many organizations guiding, coaching, and mentoring them as they pursue continuous improvement. Below are three brief descriptions of recent efforts within the manufacturing sector. Due to confidentiality specific results and company names cannot be mentioned.

Communications Industry

Aft Systems, Inc. has recently worked with a major communications company coaching the staff to develop an improved allocation of resources. A persistent gap between demand and available capacity exists due to the continued business growth and expansion of the company’s platforms. Computer services consistently spent a premium on third party contract labor due to a limited number of internal resources and a significant demand. Our theory is that there is a more optimal mix of resources. Company FTEs have remained relatively flat which has required the need to source resources to meet demand through staff augmentation which on average cost 95% more than internal resources. We find the optimal employee count to sustain the total demand in Computer Services for the Business Analyst, Project Management, Development, and Information Architect, and Visual Designer roles is 47. By converting external resources to employees, the company saved on average $1,456,294 annually.

Health Care

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, hospitals with higher-than-expected readmission rates will see reductions in their Medicare payments beginning in FY 2013. A project was instituted at a community hospital with the initial objective of reducing readmission rates by 20%. Due to the project the 30 day Readmission Rate dropped from 0.0352 to 0.0128, a Decrease of 63.6% with a Projected Financial loss prevention of $1,166,690.26.

Automotive Sector

At an automotive sector manufacturing organization the engineering/research and development led the effort to implement continuous improvement. Again Aft Systems, Inc. facilitated strategic planning led by the Corporate Director of Engineering and the Vice President of Manufacturing. Their goal was to institutionalize the improvement efforts. Once the plan was put into place the organization, i.e., the steering committee was formed consisting of the top officials in both research and manufacturing as well as each of the plant managers. Under the broad umbrella of six sigma the steering committee received the first black belt training. This was followed by two more groups of senior managers. In order to learn how to apply continuous improvement each of these senior folks is leading an improvement project as part of meeting the requirements for earning a black belt. Plans are now being made to roll out the training within the plants and support organizations.